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Compiling from a tarball

  • Download the latest source tarball from Toped development page
  • Unzip the file
  • Although not required, it is a good style to create a new sub-directory for compilation.
  • Configure the project. See INSTALL file about the general configuration instructions or try configure --help for the list of configuration options.
  • Make and install

Example 1. Compiling with optimization

   mkdir compile
   cd compile
   export CXXFLAGS="-O2 -g0"
   make install


By default the project is installed in /usr/local and make install will require root privileges. Additionally, the shared libraries database has to be updated after the installation. Read the instructions on the screen after the installation

Compiling the latest snapshot from the repository

  • Check out the project from the repository using the command

    svn checkout toped
  • From the project directory (cd toped), execute

    make -f Makefile.cvs
  • see the example in tarball compilation

Compiling dependencies


OpenGL (or Mesa) library and utility toolkit are usually part of the standard distributions, so there is no need to be compiled. In case they are not, here are the links


Different Linux distributions install openGL libraries on different locations. Some graphic card vendors (ATi, nVidia) deliver their own versions of the library as well. Please, compile openGL library only if it is really not already on your system. Beware, that Mesa and openGL are effectively the same and sometimes you can get in troubles having both in your system. Toped doesn’t have preferences, it should work with any of them.


The main library required by Toped is wxWidgets 2.8.9 or later. See wxWidgets website for detailed documentation. Installation packets are available for the main linux distributions, so check first the repositories of your distro for wx packages. If you still have to compile the library, Toped uses openGL, threads, and regular expressions modules that might not be configured by default. The configuration line should contain at least:

configure --with-gtk --with-opengl --with-regex --enable-threads --enable-unicode

Compiling on Microsoft Windows®

Current version of Toped was compiled on Windows® XP using Visual Studio 2005. The distribution was tested also on Windows® 2000 and Vista®

  • Unpack the latest tarball
  • Open src\toped.sln in Toped directory and use Batch Build to compile all debug library projects.


To compile Toped on Windows® you need the following external libraries

Running on Microsoft Windows®

To run Toped on Windows® after the installation you also need the Microsoft Redistributable Package. It is coming with some products including Visual Studio. If it isn’t available on your system, it’s publicly available from here

Even if you have the Microsoft Redistributable Package already installed on your system it’s possible that its version is not suitable for Toped (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 is required). The different versions of the package can co-exists, so you might consider installing the version pointed above.

Toped setup

Color, Fill and layers

The file $TPD_GLOBAL/tll/seed.tll which is coming with the source distribution contains some TELL functions, that could be used as a template to define your specific layers. (See also canvas setup) Interactive dialog boxes for color, fill pattern and layer definition have been introduced in rev.0.85 of the editor but their main purpose is rather quick on-line fixes and updates. If the properties have been changed during the session they can be saved using propsave command which is also mapped in the File menu.

Example files

The tarball and binary packages are coming with a couple of example files. seed.tll for example contains some basic initialization commands for the editor. It can be found in $TPD_GLOBAL/tll directory after the installation. The file can be loaded at start-up using the command

toped <path_to_the_file>/seed.tll

Alternatively the editor can be started without a command line argument. Any toped file can be loaded in the editor later executing

#include "<path_to_the_file>/seed.tll"

from the Toped command line or selecting File→Include from the menu.

Toped navigation

Command line
When the command line window is active, try up and down arrows to retrieve previous commands
Browser panel
Try right mouse button for context menus
Layout window
Have a look in the View menu for keyboard shortcuts, try right mouse button for context menus